It was once explained to me that "in the old days" the community banker not only provided a loan to a business, but they also played an important advisory role. More than one banker has told me how they wished things were like that today, but time just does not allow for this.

Commercial lenders, however, have more than a casual interest in seeing their commercial clients succeed. Not only do they have loan exposure, but, ideally, would like to see clients succeed and continue to grow such that one successful loan with a client becomes a second, and a third. In fact, it has been said that most initial, smaller commercial loans are not big money makers for banks (more risk than reward), rather, it is the subsequent loans to successful, growing companies that earn banks their progress.

With the free, basic membership available from The Profit Think Tank, banks are now able to provide focused, systematic guidance to clients. These systems are designed to promote profitability and sustainability: exactly the kinds of things necessary to ensure that first loans are successfully repaid, and that growth oriented, subsequent loans are needed.

Banks can participate by simply letting their commercial clients about the services of The Profit Think Tank. (In fact, banks can provide assistance to aspiring businesses who they might not be able to help with a loan now, by passing on the information about the free programs. This can be as simple as handing out business cards or creating a link to our site as a valuable small business resource.

There are also sponsorship programs available where banks can partner with the Profit Think Tank and provide free upgrades to their clients (and entire community) to our premium membership program. Not only is this a way of assisting clients, but can also be an extremely effective marketing tool for the sponsoring bank.

Additionally, banks may wish to sponsor one of our PTT speakers / consultants to come to their local area, either to provide presentations or meet with clients at their bank. Or alternatively, many banks sponsor events hosted by local Chambers or Small Business Development Centers.

To learn more about our partnerships with banks, please contact us at