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We want lots of input - and many members!

Because of this, we have a free membership opportunity. Our basic membership provides a great number of benefits and access to great programs described below:

Basic Membership Benefits

* Free membership

* Basic access to PTT programs (see below)

* Free 30 day trial of our premium membership program

* Monthly edition of our "Profit Thinking" email newsletter

* Ability to participate in our "Best Profit Practices" survey (and report) on a quarterly basis


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Basic Membership Access Per Program

The basic membership provides a user name and login to our "back end" website where members may access the following tools. They are listed here by individual programs from The Profit Think Tank. To learn more about each program, click on the program icon.

Profit Competencies

* Electronic version of the 60 point assessment tool
* Various worksheets on Profit Competencies
* Workbook introduction and chapter example (REC2)
* Electronic Course - An Intro to the Profit Competencies System

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Customer Pillars

* Electronic version of full Customer Pillars Book (274 Pages)
* Workbook introduction and Various Worksheets (approximately 12 different exercises)
* Multiple Electronic Courses = 31 Day Startup Primer, 14 Day Quick Plan, 8 Marketing Tips for Recession Stressed Entrepreneurs, 10 Marketing Plan Tips to Get the Bank Loan, Chapter A Week, Automatic Follow up

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S2 Leaders

* "Starting a Local S2 Leaders Group" Whitepaper

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Profit Driven Thinking

* Profit Driven Thinking Overview - Whitepaper

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3D Profitability

* 3D Profitability Handout

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More Coming!

* More programs coming soon.

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