Membership Benefits

There are many different benefits to membership and they are delivered in a wide variety of ways. The common theme, however, is...

Membership is designed to help you grow your profits!

Members gain the following benefits:

* Access to management programs targeted at growing a business - perfect for business owners and employees

* Programs are similar to reading books, attending workshops, participating in consulting sessions, attending advanced courses on business management, or hiring an executive coach... the goals are increased perspective, increased competency, deeper resources, and increased confidence... these things lead to advancing the organization, and growing your career

* Many materials are provided in a "self study" manner which allows busy professionals to access and engage in the content on their own timeframe - when it is most convenient for them

* The ability to impact the content - through our "Think Tank" model, the content is designed to evolve based on user input - so members not only use, but have an influence on the future of the programs

* Members also have the ability to direct upcoming program materials.. directly (through our content contributors program) or indirectly through suggestion. 


Premium members get the following additional benefits


* Deeper access to programs - the member website for premium members is much more extensive

* Detailed programs are broken down into small, "bite-sized nuggets" that can be delivered over the course of time (think about going to an intense workshop where lots of information is shared very quickly.... retention is often very poor ... so we counter this by providing daily insights)

* Interactions with many topic experts - including weekly expert teleconferences and weekly open coaching sessions 

* Ability to submit and participate in a weekly "hotseats" where a real management problem is addressed by our members each week (almost like the "case study" approach to learning which is used by top business schools) 

* Access to extensive archiving and documentation of a significant amount of management content (find what you need when you need it)

* Summaries (audio and video) of the most important group activities each month (like a "greatest hits" summary of the significant ground we cover each month, but in an "easy to digest" summary -- keep up with the group with very little time investment.)

* The satisfaction of knowing you are providing the financial support for the organization to continue to not only function, but grow and expand the scope of its materials


Simply put... the benefits of membership are that we provide materials for you to grow. This recognizes that you hold a tremendous, yet untapped potential to be more, do more, and have more.... not only at the individual or company level, but at the level of your overall contribution to a better world. (That's pretty altruistic, but we believe it is true.) Join us and let's make it happen!