The goal of coaching is to expedite progress.

In consulting, the consultant is the expert and "teaches" or directly does work for the client. In coaching, the emphasis is on guiding the client to faster success. Obviously here, our goal is to coach you and / or your team to you directing faster improvements in profitability.

This is done through asking good questions, goal setting, challenging the client, increasing personal commitments and accountability, brainstorming solutions, and often simply being an informed and educated ear. Very often within the coaching process, one minor shift in the client can lead to significant, incremental leaps in performance and results.

In a way, coaching is one of the least expensive ways to add high level, "profit growing" talent to your organization.

Unlike other business coaches who only use basic conversation to produce results, coaches in the Profit Think Tank, rely on a sophisticated series of management programs, and are extremely familiar with and draw extensively from the large number of tools within the program.

Coaching programs are typically a monthly program and involve both phone (or in-person meetings if possible, but this is not at all a requirement), as well as written follow up observations, suggestions, and homework (action steps with commitment) 


“I have worked with Curt on two different businesses, in two quite different industries. He never dropped a beat on providing solid input to grow. Recently, when everyone around me was suggesting I quit on a big project (and I was tired and wanted to give up myself), he advised me to be calm, persistent, and to stay the course; the prize was worth it, he reminded me. I am certainly pleased I did – and it was. As a business owner, it is difficult to find other people who fully understand what I do. Curt does and I take comfort knowing he is always there for me.” - Cheryl, Owner, national personnel services company, Former President, electronics manufacturing firm

“There’s no doubt Curt has a solid understanding of business, but what kind of shocked me was his ability to relate to me as a person and how I was looking at my business and different opportunities and challenges in it. His outside perspective helped to quickly sharpen my focus in important ways. The way I look at it, the best investment is always one you make in yourself. Curt’s services fit that bill.” - Greg, President, national services company, Inc. 500 award recipient


Perhaps their most attractive feature is that Profit Coaching from PTT are available in a wide range of prices, which make the service both affordable for the smallest business, but also with our advanced coaches at higher prices for more sophisticated businesses.

Coaching programs are available both for President / CEO / Owner levels as well as mid-level management and other employees. When you look at the cost of an employee, coaching can be a very low cost way to improve results.

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