In consulting approaches, our consultants roll up their sleeves and help you develop specific strategies for your business and provide assistance in putting the to work.

Typical consulting arrangements are based either on a hourly rate or a monthly retainer.

Consulting essentially enables you to tap into talent (at the President of Vice President level) without hiring expensive employees. While our "dollar per hour" may be much higher than hiring comparably qualified employees, the overall cost is significantly lower and you incur no costs such as benefits, training time, office overheads, sick time, etc.

We also find that in consulting projects, the time pressure (not having a full 40 hour week, etc) helps us "cut to the chase" for the most important things in your business.

Currently, we offer consulting in the following:

* Profitability modeling and enhancement
* Strategic planning
* Increasing return on employee investment
* Growing revenue streams
* Performance monitoring systems
* Leadership development


“He promotes himself as a marketing consultant, and he’s very good at that; but for our company, he has become so much more.. He is a unique bird in that he really gets the big picture, but can also drill down into and get creative about how to approach the details.”  - Joe, President, medical manufacturing firm

"To me, his approach to helping you build a business isn’t just sales and isn’t just marketing, but it’s true business development. He helped me guide a business to several years of high growth and his counsel on how to direct the company was spot on! His advice combined with practical tools cut to chase with helping us fuel growth. I’ve met a lot of consultants and Curt is unique. If you are serious about growth strategies, call him."  - Bob, President, regional business services company


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