Economic Development

There is no better economic development tool than profitable, growing companies. Thus, we feel the programs we offer are extremely consistent with local and regional economic development activities.

The Profit Think Tank also provides a free premium upgrade to our membership program for any community-based, not-for-profit Economic Development professionals. We believe putting these tools in your hands is important to supporting the growth of profitable companies in your communities.

Employees of community based economic development organization may apply for their free upgrade to a premium membership by clicking here.

(NOTE: this free upgrade to premium memberships apply only to direct employees of the Economic Development Organization. Member companies can apply for a free (basic) members at the same link, as well as opt to upgrade to our premium (paid) membership. Please consider putting a link to on your website as a valuable resource for your members. THANK YOU!)

Sponsorship programs are also available for Economic Development organization to provide premium memberships to their members. To learn more about these sponsorships, please contact us at