Existing, small businesses


You survived the startup, now for the next evolution of your company. 

The Profit Think Tank caters to companies in this phase, with the following kinds of activities...

• Revenue generation
• Developing a team (building a company infrastructure)
• Formalizing systems
• Increasing the sophistication of the financial analysis
• Assisting with the evolution from entrepreneur to leader

The various programs from the Profit Think Tanks, and the premium membership benefits help position the business that has moved through startup and is evaluating the next steps. 

Specifically, for revenue growth, we suggest the Customer Pillars program.

For general growth, particularly if you have (or will have) employees, we suggest the Profit Competencies system.

And to help with defining your business (profitability) model, we suggest the 3D Profitability Program.

If you are the owner, manager, or person responsible for growing an existing business, please join us at The Profit Think Tank! You can apply by clicking here.