Medium sized businesses


In many ways, many of the programs in The Profit Think Tank are targeted at medium-sized companies. To us, these companies are particularly interesting, as they have reached a level of sustainability and are focused on growth. We find these companies are keyed in on increasing revenues through market and product expansion, building a team, and increasing the sophistication of their financial analysis. 

The Profit Competencies system is extremely well suited for medium sized, employer firms and is a broad based management approach to profitability growth by building a sustainable company on solid ground. Learning and applying the "nine pillars" of growth highlighted in this program is a smart way to improve marketing and grow revenues.

With its focus on revenue growth and marketing, the Customer Pillars program is also an excellent fit. For many medium sized firms, the "next level" of growth is directly tied to specific revenue goals. 

Lastly, the S2Leaders program is designed to provide a local meeting program where owners and managers can come together to openly discuss management topics. This approach, as well, focuses on growing leaders capable of taking their medium sized companies to new levels of growth. 

Those charged with developing medium sized companies will find a great deal of value in The Profit Think Tank programs. Please join us!