First and foremost, we strongly believe in a partnership with our members. Too often, experts develop materials and provide them to their clients with very little interaction. We view our content as heavily influenced (even driven by) our members. We take this "think tank" partnership very seriously!

The Profit Think Tank works closely with Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs) to provide content to serve the large number of business organizations served through these ESOs, which include Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Organizations, and Women's Business Centers (WBCs), among others.

Other ESOs and organizations who work with business owners and managers, including both private and public sector organizations, are encouraged to contact us regarding possible collaborations. We firmly recognize that partnerships are the key to reaching and assisting the largest number of businesses and having the greatest impact.

Much of our philosophy is about creating a community of like minded people with an interest in growing profitable companies. Obviously, we are not alone in this. There are many others who have an interest in the same.

The Profit Think Tank has been structured to create strong partnership opportunities with these different organizations, especially the following groups...

Economic Development
Content Contributors

Look into each page for more information.

Similarly, there are other groups who may make excellent partners, but are not listed here. Please contact us ( to discuss how we might work together.

Please consider placing a link to ( on your website to educate your members about the many exciting tools (many of which are completely free) from The Profit Think Tank. Thank you!