Profit Competencies Team Kit

The Profit Competencies Kit includes a wide variety of tools to implement the Profit Competencies system in your company. This is well targeted at supporting a team of company leaders at assessing their "score" on the 60 different Profit Competencies and taking tangible action to improve. Our belief is that by focusing on several higher leverage competencies in your company, you will improve your overall performance and improve profits.

The Implementation Kit includes the following:

* Profit Competencies Workbook - Includes 10 printed copies of the assessment and a detailed workbook which looks at improvement strategies for each of the 60 Profit Competencies.

* The Profit Competencies Audio Seminar - 6 audio CDs which guides the listener through the methodology of the management system, and touches on each competency individually.

* The Working Files CD - This CD contains working file examples and templates to make implementation of the system easier. The system asks companies to put certain documents, processes, and planning tools in place, and this CD has the files to make this significantly easier for the participating company.

* The Profit Driven Thinking Video - Targeted at educating employees about profitability, this video reinforces any profit initiative in a company. Helps build the case that employees and company leaders both win when the company is squarely focused on improving company profitability.

* The 1 Year Electronic Course - This course is delivered via email and essentially provides a video tip each week for a full year to help spread out the implementation of Profit Competencies planning. Look at this as a full year of support coaching.

* Free Trial to the Profit Think Tank Premium Membership - we will also include a 5 person license for 3 months - the program helps members review various program materials

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Purchased individually, these items would be nearly $1000, so the bundled price is an excellent deal! Get your Profit Competencies Implementation Kit today by clicking below.


Profit Competencies Team Implementation Kit
Includes free shipping in the continental United States
Kit Price: $295


Profit Competencies Team Implementation Kit
Includes $15 shipping charge for shipping outside the continental United States
Kit Price: $295 + $15 international shipping


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