Profit Driven Thinking Video


Part of building a profitable business is building a solid team. But too often, the topic of profitability is taboo inside of the company. It's a primary driver of company ownership and leadership. Employees often resent employers for making money off their labor.

And misinformation abounds. Much of it relates to a poor understanding of how profitability works in a company and why profitability is important to everyone in the company. Because it is uncomfortable, however, it is often just not talked about. In that case a lot of speculation goes on.

This video hopes to alleviate some of those problems. It is a training tool to teach employees about the concepts of profitability. Not just what it is, but why it is important to their employer and them. And the important role they play in improving company profitability.

The desired result is a more open dialogue about profitability and a team-based approach to growing it. And this is not just for the benefit of the company, but also for employees as well. Let's come together around profitability and build a better company for all involved!


Profit Driven Thinking Video
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