Premium Membership


Running a business is no simple matter.

If it were, the Customer Pillars workbook would be 5 pages (instead of 351) and there would be 4 competencies in the Profit Competencies system (instead of 60). Because of this, growing profits in a business is more than a 40 hours a week, ongoing process. The premium membership program provides the ongoing tools, and importantly, the ongoing reminders of implementing profit growing concepts in your business. (It's more than reading a book or going to a workshop - its a daily commitment.)

This is the goal of the premium membership... to make a wide variety of tools available when you need them. And to take a huge quantity of management information and systematically spread them out over the course of time in "bite sized" pieces. Your time is precious.

In addition to the benefits of the basic membership, the premium membership adds:

Premium Membership Benefits

* Low cost per participant - with discounts for prepayment and for multi-seat licenses in an individual company (a great team based development program!)

* Expanded access to Profit Think Tank Programs (see below)

* Email "Profit Thinking" newsletter daily (in the form of very brief daily tips)

* Monthly "Best Profit Practices" survey and report

* Weekly "experts teleconferences" where you can call in and interact directly with experts

* Access to our "1 Hour Expert" programs - that give you (in one hour) the key information you need on a given management topic

* Weekly online hotseats (a member challenge is highlighted and we all weigh in on a solution)

* Weekly open coaching conference calls (a facilitated, free flow discussion of issues members bring to the call)

* Monthly Profit Tool (designed to be easy to customize in your business)

* Monthly Online Book Discussion Group

* A monthly written and audio summary of the month's activities in the Profit Think Tank

* Extensive documentation and archiving of all PTT activities in our "members only" website area - an awesome reference tool

* By being a premium member, you are helping support our ability to provide the premium membership at no cost to Small Business Development Centers, Chambers, and other not-for-profit business support organizations so they can be of better service to the business community

Premium Membership Access Per Program

Here are the benefits of premium membership per individual program...


Profit Competencies

* Profit Competencies Workbook (approx 3-6 pages on each of the 60 competencies)
* Electronic course - The One Year Follow Up to the Profit Competencies System
* Download version of the Audio Course files (6 CDs worth)
* All files from the "Working Files" CD (approximately 30 files)
* PowerPoints for Profit Competencies workshop

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Customer Pillars

* Customer Pillars workbook (total of 351 pages)
* Electronic Courses = 26 Week Implementation Program for Entrepreneurs, 14 Day Quickstart Consultant, 26 Week Consultant Implementation, One Year Marketing VP Program
* Consultant Certification Program
* Customer Pillars Workshop - PowerPoints
* 9 Session Customer Pillars Programs - PowerPoints / Instructor's Guide

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S2 Leaders

* Program materials each month (powerpoint and worksheet)
* Facilitators Guide
* Promotional Materials

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Profit Driven Thinking

* Profit Driven Thinking Overview - PowerPoint

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3D Profitability

* 3D Profitability Workshop - Powerpoints

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More Coming!

* More programs coming soon.

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