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We respect your email privacy. We do utilize email to distribute relevant, valuable educational and promotional information. In every instance, you are provided a option to be removed from our email distribution lists. We do not sell our list to third parties.

We created this general audience website to be informative and educational for our visitors. Safeguarding your privacy is very important to us. We take seriously the collection of any personally identifiable information, such as, but not limited to, your name, home and e-mail addresses, and telephone number from our visitors and are committed to protecting each visitor's privacy in accordance with these policies. We use the term 'visitors' to refer to both registered members of the website and any other person that accesses our website at any point for any amount of time, unless designated otherwise. Please carefully review our information collection practices and privacy protections below. This privacy policy applies solely to our website.

About Us / Contact

This website is owned and operated by The Profit Think Tank, a subsidiary of Strive Coaching Inc, a Sub-S corporation registered in the State of Kansas. The Profit Think Tank is the only operator of this website. You may contact us directly if you have any questions regarding the content and material on this website or if you have any questions about our privacy policies. Please contact us at:

The Profit Think Tank
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Collection of Personal Information

We provide various informative, educational, and resource features as part of this website. To operate these features, we may collect certain non-personal and personal information from our visitors for specific purposes. For website activities that request personal information, you agree to provide accurate and current information about yourself. Your membership and/or participation in our website activities may be canceled without notice if at any time we discover that you provide false information, or violate any term of our Privacy Policy or our Disclaimer. We may retain personal information for an indefinite amount of time to preserve our membership data.

Should you wish to be removed from the distribution list from The Profit Think Tank, please email us at along with an explanation of why you wish to be removed.

Information Collected on This Website

To participate as a member of our website, and some of our education programs, you may be requested to provide personal information. We may collect personal information for several important purposes, including to respond to visitor inquiries, permit website and program interaction, complete website transactions, improve our program service and website, distribute our newsletter, and for future marketing and/or promotional use about our program service or website. We may also survey visitors about various topics, including how we can improve our educational programs, website and services. Response to our surveys is entirely voluntary.

The only personal information this website obtains about you is information voluntarily provided by you. This website does not collect additional personal information about individual visitors from other sources. This means that a person can visit our website and navigate through the site without giving us personal information. To gauge the effectiveness of our website, we may collect non-personal information about our visitors, such as Internet server and browser identification, the Internet service provider, the webpage from which a visitor enters our site, webpages visited, duration of visit and domain type. This "hits" information does not reveal a visitor's personal identity. The personal information collected by our website in conjunction with any educational programs may also be used for the marketing of additional services, offers or events from The Profit Think Tank and/or its promotional partners, or members and sponsors.

In some instances, data collected on this website will be stored on the database of various service providers we utilize in the delivery of these educational programs. While, The Profit Think Tank chooses vendor partners with strict privacy policies, data collected and stored on their servers will be subject to the Privacy Policies of these firms. To the best of our ability, we will highlight these vendors on this page. Current providers include:
Their privacy policy can be found at
Their privacy policy can be found at
Their privacy policy can be found at
Their privacy policy can be found at
Their privacy policy can be found at

Again, The Profit Think Tank does not make its member database available for sale.

Affiliate Programs

For the convenience of our visitors, we may provide the opportunity to purchase PTT-related goods, merchandise and services or participate in other free educational programs through this website. If we do, entities not associated with, owned or operated by The Profit Think Tank, our members, or partners may handle some of these transactions. We call these entities 'affiliates.'

If you choose to use these optional services, our affiliates may request your personal information to fulfill your order, deliver your course materials, or respond to your request. They may also survey visitors about various topics including, but not limited to, their response to the goods, merchandise and services they offer or may offer. The voluntary submission of your personal information to these affiliates, including your order or request, and your response to their surveys, if any, will be governed by the specific provider's terms of usage and privacy policies. To facilitate an order or request, or your participation in a survey, we may share your personal information with the provider. The affiliate may also share your personal information with us, or with third parties if permitted by the affiliate's privacy policy.

Use and Collection of Information by Advertisers and Sponsors

Our website may post banner ads and other forms of advertisements, and/or links to the websites of advertisers or sponsors which are entities that are not owned or operated by The Profit Think Tank, our members, partners or subsidiaries. These advertisers and sponsors may independently solicit and collect personal information, or send their own cookies to our visitors. Please be advised that when you visit a third party advertiser's or sponsor's website you will be subject to the privacy policy and terms of usage agreement of that website operator. The Profit Think Tank, our members, partners, or any entities under common ownership or control with The Profit Think Tank will not be responsible for advertiser or sponsor ads and/or links or the content, activities, information collection, use and disclosure practices of the websites of third party advertisers and sponsors.

Use of Cookies and Tracking Devices

At present, this site does not utilize cookies. Periodically, we do utilize a survey service, which does. You may view their privacy policy at You may view their privacy policy by clicking here. We also utilize PayPal as a payment processing system, and this system employs cookies as well. Their privacy policy can be viewed here. Nothing in this policy prohibits the use of cookies on this website in the future.

A cookie is a small data file that contains a unique identification number that a website places on your hard drive when you visit a website. The cookie is able to store information such as data about your computer, the type of browser you use, and how many times your computer visits a certain site. Cookies do not allow the website to access personal information that you have not already provided.

You can refuse to use cookies by turning them off in your browser. Please contact your software manufacturer for questions on how to disable your cookies. You do not need to have cookies turned on to use this site.

Disclosing Your Information to Other Parties

We may share or disclose personal information collected over our website with other third parties when it is required or authorized by law; when disclosure is necessary to operate the website or our website services; to provide or enhance our website features; to complete requested transactions or permit certain website interactions; to protect the safety of our visitors, employees or property; when you consent to the disclosure; when disclosure is consistent with our practices for services that are similarly provided offline; and/or as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy.

In the event of a sale or transfer of our assets, including database, personal information may be transferred to other third parties. The recipient of this information may have privacy practices that differ from those in this policy.

Under an agreement with our faculty, The Profit Think Tank, does provide registration information with faculty members when a member takes a course or downloads information from that faculty member. This information may or may not be necessary for distribution of the learning materials in that given program. While we encourage our faculty to utilize similar policies as found in this privacy statement, the information will be subject to the privacy policy of that individual faculty member. If you have any questions pertaining to any faculty members, please visit our website or email us at

Adding, Changing, or Deleting Personal Information

You may be able to add, change or delete personal information submitted to us over our website by contacting us via e-mail at Certain information fields are required and cannot be deleted for security purposes or in accordance with various laws. We encourage you to keep us informed about any changes to your personal information.

You may request to be removed from our email distribution lists at any point in time.

Our Security Procedures

We require our employees to protect the privacy of all information collected over our website. Only employees and supervisors with specific authorization have access to databases containing visitors' personal information. Despite these measures, we do not guarantee the security of information stored in our database or that unauthorized parties will not intercept information you send or receive over the Internet. The Internet subjects all online services to the risk of unauthorized access to files and data, even when security measures are implemented. If you use our website to send, receive or post personal or confidential information, you do so at your own risk.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy.

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The Profit Think Tank 
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