Profit Driven Thinking™ Program


Initially we developed this concept to be a complementary program to Profit Competencies, but targeted at helping employees under (and embrace) their important role around and contribution to profitability. We quickly realized, however, the concept was broader than just obtaining employee support for a single program, and that it applies broadly to any profitability enhancement program. Similarly, given it's broad impact on the company and on employees (individually and collectively), we felt the program was strong enough to stand on its own.

For the employee that has concerns about profitability or does not really understand how they contribute to it, this program can be fairly transformational and can modify the way a person looks at their career. It can also greatly change their results. Adopting "profit driven thinking" is designed to increase an employee's contribution to the company, and doing this can help grow your compensation.

Similarly, for employers who may feel their employees do not fully "get" their portability and why management places an emphasis here, this program can go a long way to explaining the concept. Ultimately, the impact is to show management and employees that they both play on the same team and can improve results for everyone by working together to accomplish desired improvements in profitability.

Basic Membership

The following tool from this program is available with the basic (free) membership:

* Profit Driven Thinking Overview - Whitepaper


Premium Membership

The following additional tool is available to our premium members:

* Profit Driven Thinking Overview - PowerPoint

Other Supporting Tools

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* A video presentation of the "Profit Driven Thinking" presentation