The Profit Think Tank was designed to be an "umbrella" organization that releases multiple management programs. All programs are designed with the "Think Tank" mentality that all programs are "drafted" with the intention that user interface with the material will lead to continued evolution and improvement of the programs. The following programs are currently available from The Profit Think Tank:

Profit Competencies identifies 60 competencies divided into 3 competency groups (with 20 each) that drive the profitability of a company. In most instances, companies are already performing at some level with each of these competencies. The system starts with an assessment tool where companies can identify strengths, weaknesses, and key areas for improvement. The program challenges the company to prioritize and select a tangible number of "growth" competencies to focus on. MORE.



The Customer Pillars program looks at strategic marketing (growing revenues) through the lens of nine customer pillars which dictate the "top line" growth of any company. These foundational aspects govern the relationship between a company and its customer (or prospective customer), and thus is a primary driver of both sales and profitability. For many small to medium sized companies, the primary hurdle to attaining strong profitability is generating healthy, sustainable, and growing customer revenue streams. This program shows how. MORE.


S2 Leaders is a program designed to create an opportunity for owners and managers of "Stage 2" companies, generally described as those with between 10 and 100 employees and $1M and $20M in annual revenues. The concept provides a format for monthly meetings on a local level to provide peer discussions around key management issues those companies face. The program provides a backdrop and specific materials to help initiate these discussions. MORE.


What would you company be like if the predominant mindset was company profitability? It may sound like a pipedream, but employee training around profitability can inspire a shift in culture that works both for the company, and its employees. MORE


3D Profitability looks at the Drivers, Drainers, and Defenders of profitability. This is a very straightforward and "simple" program, but one that helps a company cut to the chase of its profitability growth. MORE.


We call The Profit Think Tank an "umbrella" organization where multiple content programs can be developed and shared with members. We have several in development and we would love to hear your ideas for programs you would like to see us offer. (Or programs you would like to help develop also!)