While our goal with The Profit Think Tank is to provide management training programs which allow our members to take control of their own destiny. We also recognize that success can expedited by working hands on with our members.

Because of this, we offer a suite of services which are targeted at speeding up the process of putting the profit-enhancing principles found in the Profit Think Tank materials. Working with us more directly, we believe we can help grow your profits.

This website explains a number of ways we can work with your organization, including:


A major goal of The Profit Think Tank is to work extensively with entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs), many of whom provide assistance in the areas the Profit Think Tank programs discuss. In many cases, assistance from these organizations is less costly than working directly with The Profit Think Tank. We believe there are many different organizations with different needs around this material and that providing many different ways for unique companies with unique requirements to address those needs is the best way to serve members.

The Profit Think Tank organization provides coaching, consulting, speaking, teleseminars, and retreat facilitation services to members based around the PTT content, including strategic planning, marketing, organizational development, and performance monitoring.

For more information about these services, contact us at