Startup businesses


While many of the program from The Profit Think Tank were designed more for existing, growing companies, the key strategic issues addressed in The PTT programs do work for startup companies. 

In particular, these programs help startup see the issues that are coming in the evolution of their companies and in many cases, "building today, but with an eye for the future" is extremely pragmatic. 

Whether you are in the planning for launch or in the launch phase of the business, one of the most important factors for sustainability and growth is the cultivation of strong and growing customer revenue streams. This is the topic of discussion in the Customer Pillars program. 

In addition to the Customer Pillars book and workbook being extremely relevant to startups, several of the electronic courses in the basic (free) membership also apply very directly to startups, including the 31 "Day Primer for Startups" and the "Marketing Plan Tips to Get the Bank Loan." Submersing yourself into marketing (generating customer revenue streams) cannot come too early in the development of a company, and Customer Pillars will help. 

With the Profit Competencies program, the biggest distinction for small or startup companies compared to medium sized companies relates to employees. The Profit Competencies system spends a fair amount of time talking about managing employees. If you are not an employer firm yet, these points may not apply as much to you. However, if you plan to grow with employees (or if even if you have a few employees), the points will still be very relevant. 

The 3D Profitability system spends time looking at the business model, which applies perfectly to startups. Again, it is never too early to begin work in this area. (Why wait to revisit this concept when you can consider it right from the start!)

In addition to these very direct applications, other programs, particularly benefits from the premium membership apply to startups and early stage companies as well. 

Lastly, we have conceptualized a startup program to add to the Profit Think Tank system and expect a release date in early 2013.

Startups welcome!!! Join us.