Curt Clinkinbeard, is a consultant and the the author of CUSTOMER PILLARS and its accompanying business development program. In addition, his credentials include:

VP Sales and Marketing - Former VP of Sales and Marketing for a rapidly growing medical manufacturing firm. During his 13 year tenure, the business went from $500K in annual revenues to over $5 million per year.

Consultant - Former Director of the Kansas University Small Business Development Center - in his 5 year SBDC career, Curt has advised over 1,000 small business owners - nearly all on growth topics. Today Curt works with a variety of clients in many industries.

National Speaker / Trainer
- Curt conducts workshops throughout country on the CUSTOMER PILLARS

program, including as a nationally recognized trainer of nearly 500 business consultants within the SBA's SBDC network. Curt is also the Director of Training for The FAMEE Foundation (Foundation for the Advancement of Marketing Excellence in Entrepreneurs.

Coach - Curt is a graduate of Coach University, the most extensive training program for success coaches - he uses coaching principles to encourage and challenge you to attain more in your business!

Columnist - Curt writes a regular column and has appeared in SMALL BUSINESS IMPACT, the US Postal Service's small business magazine, OPPORTUNITY WORLD magazine, and BUSINESS WEEK ONLINE FOR SMALL BUSINESS and other local, regional, and national publications.



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