Imagine working with 15 to 20 other companies in your industry and discussing growth strategies - all under the umbrella of the CUSTOMER PILLARS program, guided by Curt Clinkinbeard, the developer of the PILLARS system.

Mastermind groups meet on the telephone once per month for 60-90 minutes on a teleconference (plus lots of other valuable items, as well!) Contact us at or via telephone at 785-554-3050 to see if we already have a mastermind group in your industry, or about starting one yourself. This is a very cost effective way to gain access to business growth coaching.

Consider this as similar to hiring a high level sales and marketing executive to work for your company, but paying only a tiny fraction of what that salary would cost! Plus, the synergies of the group bring incredible benefits - 20 minds are more creative that one!



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