While the CUSTOMER PILLARS materials were developed to train entrepreneurs to be better at marketing and growing their companies, the 9 pillars also find their place in corporate and not-for-profit settings as well. Employees well versed in the foundational laws which govern how a company develops profitable relationships with customers is extremely relevant as well. The straightforward language used in the CUSTOMER PILLARS system makes these principles very "teachable" to employees at all levels of any organization.

Here are some of the programs available for in-house training:

CUSTOMER PILLARS - a more straightforward approach to marketing
Formats: Full day, 2 half days, or 10 half day sessions

Description: There are nine customer pillars which dictate how successfully a company generates profitable, long-term revenue streams. Studying these principles helps employees - even non-marketing staff - better understand the entire strategic scope of the marketing process and see the role they serve in the company in meeting customer objectives.

CUSTOMER SERVICE ON STEROIDS - going beyond a skill based mentality

Formats: Half day, full day, or 4 half-day sessions

Pillar 7 in the CUSTOMER PILLARS system encourages companies to "manage expectations brilliantly" and takes the concept of "customer service" out of the mode of an employee skill and into a purposeful and important management process - one the whole company participates in. Workshop attendees will learn a 5-step process to ensure customers are happy in their interactions with your company.

FOCUS ON GROWTH CUSTOMERS - emphasizing customers through understanding

Formats: Half day, full day, or 4 half-day sessions

The customer should be a central focus of every employee in every organization. If the employee's work does not directly benefit the customer, they should be providing support work to others who do. Customer revenues are the lifeblood of a company. Building a culture around serving the customer with valuable products and services in a way which generates a competitive edge serves a company and its employees well. Course provides a foundation for better understanding customers and the role they play in a company.

THE VALUE SHIFT - guess again, customers don't buy what you think you sell

Formats: Half day, full day, or 4 half-day sessions

We often think of our company in terms of the products and services we sell. Typically, what customers buy is very different. Emphasizing customer value and ways to "maximize value incrementally," the second tennant in the CUSTOMER PILLARS system, helps a company orchestrate its offering to maximize the relationship (including profits!) with customers. This program delves into a subtle shift away from the "product" mentality and over to a "value" emphasis.

COMMUNICATE LIKE A MARKETER - lessons for advertising and sales which impact other workplace communications

Formats: Half day, full day, or 4 half-day sessions

Human communications are easy, right? Wrong! Breakdowns in communication are often responsible for deterioration of business relationships, whether they are between a company and its customers, a manager and subordinates, or among team members. Due to its complexity and importance on business outcomes, marketers have studied the communication process in great detail pertaining to sales and advertising. Can the lessons learned be applied to other workplace communications? You bet. This course walks participants through these key lessons to improve their ability to community their ideas and more effectively connect with others.

MARKETING AS A PEOPLE MANAGEMENT TOOL - how treating your employees like customers leads to better results

Formats: Half day, full day, or 4 half-day sessions

With projected labor shortages, low unemployment, and an anticipated net decrease in skilled workers, competition for the best people will heat up dramatically in the upcoming years. Part of the solution will be how well the company markets to its employees. This means more than just classified ads and bumping up benefits packages. Similar to marketing to customers, it will mean understanding employees, their motivating drivers, their job selection processes, and how they gauge satisfaction. This course applies the CUSTOMER PILLARS to the process of attracting, developing, and retaining the strongest employees.


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