CUSTOMER PILLARS is based around nine natural pillars which impact the results of customer relationships. These foundational laws find their basis in marketing (the comprehensive relationship between a company and it customers and prospective customers), but reach out to touch other business functions.

Real growth in a business is holistic. Developing "generalist" skills as a business owner is an important part of the entrepreneurs growth process.

A company's evolution starts with realizing strong customers revenue streams. Nothing much interesting happens in a business until the company connects with the market and customers make the conscious choice to give the company their money. Firms who excel at this often go on to do great things.

But many a business has generated strong sales only to flop. So the growth must be smart. Revenue growth does not guarantee success. However, all excellent firms have achieved some degree of success growing customer revenues. It means marketing is a central part of a company's evolution.

Individuals and companies wishing to develop their company can get access to the program in a variety of ways, as explained throughout this website.

The CUSTOMER PILLARS program was developed for entrepreneurs - small business owners and managers focused on growing their companies, but has relevance in other organizations who wish to develop. (For instance, not-for-profits need to grow their budgets, and large companies need to improve earnings per share.)

Learning to structure and organization to connect with customers and achieve mutual goals is a worthy objective. Learning to do this well can be profitable, not only in financial terms, but in human terms as well.

We wish you the best in successfully developing your business!


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