Company retreats are the perfect time to introduce your management team to the concepts that comprise the CUSTOMER PILLARS system. Brainstorming around the concepts in planning sessions can be of outstanding benefit to the team.

Using the CUSTOMER PILLARS system as the basis for your retreat can put a significant focus on how your business can profitably grow revenues. While these sessions can be done "on site" at your business, they are most effective when done off-site, where key employees are able to participate without daily distractions (phones, emails, questions from staff, etc).

Facilitation fees for retreats are based on a day rate, and include materials for your team (up to 8 people), pre-retreat interviews and research, as well as a post-retreat report
summarizing the key findings from the meeting and suggested action steps.

Client is responsible for covering travel and lodging costs associated with the retreat. Programs can be customized for 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day retreats.

An EXCELLENT way to put the CUSTOMER PILLARS to work for your company!

We can also coordinate your location to do these retreats. Tell us what part of the country your would like to host the retreat, the budget, and we will set it up. (Consider coming to Kansas, you will be surprised at how beautiful it is!)

Please contact us or via telephone at 785-554-3050. Programs are custom tailored to your business. Let's discuss how to make it work best for you!


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