As we come across software and online solutions to help you grow your business, we will pass them on. Tehnology is leveling the playing field of how smaller companies can compete in the marketplace with larger ones.


FREEMIND Mind Mapping Software
- This is a great free software for the mind mapping practice, which is great for strategic planning, and breaking complex concepts down into their component parts. Download for FREE at their website.

More software coming soon. Check back regularly.


SURVEYMONKEY.COM - This is a great, inexpensive web based survey instrument. Easy to design, post, and collect surveys. Inexpensive monthly fees. Learn more by visiting their website

iSTOCKPHOTO.COM - Fantastic stock photography at an extremely low price. You purchase credits which are used with each download. Learn more by visiting their website.

AWEBER.COM - Autoresponders are an excellent marketing tool. AWEBER is regarded as an industry leader, is inexpensive, and easy to learn. Learn more by visiting their website.

MAILCHIMP.COM - Excellent bulk email program. Low cost per email. Includes HTML/text versions and list management.Learn more by visiting their website.


Download templates for common documents and contracts associated with sales and marketing in a business. Coming soon.


THE FAMEE FOUNDATION - Not for profit affiliate organization with CUSTOMER PILLARS. Offers extensive online learning programs around CUSTOMER PILLARS and an extensive program for not-for-profit business consultants. Visit their website to learn more.

MYFAX.COM - Recieve faxes via email. Get your own fax number for about $10 per month. Visit their website to learn more.

SKYPE.COM - Place calls through your PC. They have an unlimited call program for $30 per year. Call quality is very good. Visit their website to learn more.

FOLDERSHARE.COM - Very cool tool which allows you to sync multiple computers to share files. Perfect for someone who wants their home PC, laptop, and work PC to be consistent. A nice backup option as well. Visit their website to learn more.

PAYPAL.COM - Great for the new online marketer or for a business who would like to accept credit cards, but do not have a merchant account. Includes a basic shopping cart. Visit their website to learn more.

ELANCE.COM - Post projects for freelancers - great to find graphic artists, web designers, software programmers, virtual assistants, and about every other type of independent contractor on a project basis. Super resource. Visit their website to learn more.

HILLSEARCH.ORG - Research library gives you access to some very expensive databases. A nice tool to collect market information. Visit their website to learn more.


Coming soon.


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